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How to Blur an Image?

Upload an Image

Upload or drop an image from your computer

One-click Blur

Our advanced Ai technology will detect the principal part and blur the background

Save Picture

After the image processing is complete, your images will be downloaded automatically

Why Do You Need to Blur Image Background?

If you've snapped a photo in a secret place or want to draw attention to a certain person in a group shot, you might be on the lookout for a simple way to blur the background.

Highlights of Picture Background Blurring

ONEIMG enables you to blur image background with high quality in seconds.

Fully free to use

ONEIMG doesn't cost a penny or top up a credit, it's completely free to use. You no longer need to invest in pricey picture editing software or hire a professional to blur the backgrounds of your photos.

AI focus smartly

Using cutting-edge AI technology, our blur background tool can correctly and automatically determine which parts of an image should be kept in focus and which should be blurred into the background. You may easily achieve a hazy background for your content with this method.

No login or registration required

ONEIMG is a user-friendly tool that everything is designed for maximum convenience. So it doesn't require registration or login, this online tool can be used as soon as you enter the website, upload photos directly, and get blurred photos, it's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I blur a photo background?
  • 1. Go to the ONEIMG website and upload your photos from your computer.
  • 2. Wait for seconds for ONEIMG to do a one-click blur
  • 3. Your photos will be automatically downloaded to your computer after the process is complete.
Can I blur the background on iPhone?
Sure, ONEIMG allows you to use it on both computers and mobile phones, in fact, it will be faster and easier to use on iPhones.
    Will this tool blur the subject of the photo?
    No. The background blur effect only works to the image background but not the subject. No need to worry about the subject will be blurred as the subject will always be isolated and free from being blurred.
      What type of photos is ideal for using the background tool?
      Obviously, photos with stand-out subjects that can be easily distinguished from their background usually work better. In the event that the image does not have a clear subject, the blurring effect may not be presented as expected.
        Is it possible to blur the background online without using photoshop?
        Definitely. The best choice for you is to opt for the online photo editor to adjust your image. Use ONEIMG’s blur background tool to leave your image with blurred background.