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Rotate a photo or image online to the perfect orientation

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How to Rotate An Image?

Upload A File

Upload a photo or an image from your computer to rotate it

Rotate And Adjust

Choose the rotation or mirroring options from the sidebar of ONEIMG

Save Your File

After you've confirmed that the image is in the correct orientation, click the ‘Rotate Image’ button and save your image

Why Rotate An Image?

Photos and images are frequently rotated as part of the editing process. It's not uncommon for cameras to miss the proper orientation, or for the image to be somewhat off-center due to the angle at which the photo was taken. In that case, you can rotate your image by 90 degrees left or right to change image orientation from landscape to portrait.

Rotate Images in Seconds

Rotate or revert image with ONEIMG if they are upside-down

Rotate Images in Bulk

Unlike the general image rotation tool, ONEIMG allows you to upload multiple images in batches at once and rotate them at the same time, which will save you the time it takes to rotate a single image each time and improve your work efficiency.

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No Registration Required

Instead like some other image rotation tools, ONEIMG is a user-friendly Ai-based tool. It don’t require your email or other information, just enter the website and you can use it according to your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What image formats can I upload?
At present, ONEIMG allows you to upload files in three image formats: JPG, PNG, and GIF, and more formats are under development, so please stay tuned.
    How to rotate images in Photoshop?
    In Photoshop, open your image and select Image > Image Rotation. Second, choose how you'd like to rotate the image by either 90 degrees clockwise, anticlockwise, or 180 degrees. Then you can get your image with the right orientation.
      Will my image quality decrease after rotation?
      During image rotation, your image quality does not change because the internal pixel data in the image does not change. A good image mirror will not degrade your image quality, so in order for your images to remain of the original high quality, it is best to choose your image rotator carefully.