Blur Faces in Photos Online in Seconds

Easily anonymize faces or hide sensitive information in images with a blur effect with ONEIMG

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How to Blur A Face in Picture in 3 Steps?

Select Images

Use this photo face pixelate tool and select an image from your computer

Create Blurred Faces

Choose ‘Automatic detection’ or ‘Customised detection’ to confirm the blur range

Save Your Image

Click the ‘Blur face’ button to get your blurred faces

When You May Need A Face-blurring Tool?

When uploading photos of your children, friends, or acquaintances on social media, for the safety and privacy of your relatives, it’s better for you to blur their faces. In addition, if you submit a photo of an individual without their permission, you must obscure their identity in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

Blur Faces Without Apps

Based on AI tech, ONEIMG easily creates a blurred face without Apps

Blur Multiple Faces at Once

ONEIMG has two ways to recognize faces and blur them, one is automatic detection and the other is customized detection, but either way, you can blur multiple faces in a photo at once in a matter of seconds.

Upload Bulk Photos All at Once

Afraid it will be too much bother to focus on each individual fuzzy face? Don't worry about having to blur each photo individually; instead, use ONEIMG's handy face blur tool to upload and blur a batch of images simultaneously. Faces in as many as 20 photos can be blurred simultaneously during upload.

Automatic Face Detection with Advanced AI Tech

Are you still wasting your time trying to manually find each single face in a photo? With ONEIMG’s powerful AI tech, faces are instantly recognized and automatically blurred. The whole process won’t cost you 3 seconds. Give this handy face-blurring tool a try and see how it performs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best blur tool online?
When you need to blur an image but don't have Photoshop or other expensive editing tools, ONEIMG is your best internet option. No registration or login required and no need to pay a penny, this face-blurring tool allows you to blur or remove people's faces from photos.
    Can the images downloaded be used for commercial purposes?
    Yes, the images downloaded can be used for both personal and commercial purposes with no attribution required as long as you own the copyright to the original photo, you don't have to worry about copyright.
      How to Blur or Pixelate a Face in Photoshop?
      First, make the image layer a smart object in Photoshop. Then, to use a standard blur as a clever filter, choose to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Select the Brush Tool and paint white over the faces you want to blur after clicking on the smart filter layer mask and inverting it.
        How to Blur Faces on iPhone?
        • You can quickly blur faces with your iPhone's ONEIMG photo editor app.
        • 1. Open the ONEIMG app
        • 2. Find the tool ‘Blur Face’ and upload your photo
        • 3. Choose automatic detection or customized detection and confirm the blurring range
        • 4. Save your photo with blurred faces