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How to Retouch Selfie Photos?

Upload Photo

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Waiting for Photo Optimization

Selfie retoucher runs to remove face blemish, etc

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Why Need Portraits Photo Retoucher?

ONEIMG’s portrait retoucher can solve the problem when you are in a bad skin condition but have to show your photo to others. Beautify your photo with a single click to gain hydrated and smooth skin by online photo editing and face enhancement.

Touch Up Deficient Selfie Photos in One Click

Retouch your portrait photos with more detail visible without blemishes existing. One click to get it and share enchanting selfies on your social media sites like INS or FB.

Photo’s Facial Features Retouching

Portrait photo retouching tool works to optimize your portrait on aspects like removing the defections from the face and adjusting brightness to touch up your portrait online.

Wrinkle and Blemish Remover

Remove your wrinkles and blemishes from your picture to reduce the traces of time by online photo editor ONEIMG’s portrait retoucher.

Teeth Whitening for Photo Touchup

Meanwhile auto recognize your facial features by AI tech such as your eyes, nose, mouth, and even your teeth. Synchronously make teeth whitening as well as retouching to make your portrait photo look better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is photo retouching?
Helps to settle the photo matter for blemished faces to regain a beautiful photo. ONEIMG stands out for its cost-effective and high-result photo retouching functions. Try this online retouch photo editor to make your RAW photos get proper color saturation and details with no flaw when being enlarged.
    Is ONEIMG photo face retoucher free to use?
    Yes, totally free. Unlike other online face retouching tools, ONEIMG dedicate in giving users a comfortable Internet environment and really wants to help on solving photo editing problems as well as to receive good reviews on our product. There’re more other features not only portrait retoucher can be available online, explore more on our homepage.
      How to retouch photos online?
      Deeply learning AI core technology, ONEIMG’s portrait retoucher can refine your skin texture, optimize uneven skin color, enhance your facial features in a few seconds, and deliver the photo with genuine and radiant appearance, such as dark circles and under-eye bags which people often worry about.
        I want to directly edit my photos to retouch, is that ok?
        No. ONEIMG offers an AI engined online portrait retouch editor to auto distinguish and diagnose where should be upscaled or retouched in the photo. If you are dissatisfied with the first result, try to retouch it twice to test the optimization level, any problems can contact us via the email address shown in the page footer.