Best Face Cutouts Online

Accurately detect the subject's face and make a big head cutout with just a few taps

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How to Get Big Head Cutouts?

Upload The Image

Upload or drop your image from your computer

One-click Face Cutout

Our advanced Ai technology will accurately detect the face and head of your image and make a big head cutout. cartoonize you photo in just one click

Easy Access to Final Photo

Get your final big head cutouts and make it into a fancy photo

When Do You Maybe Need To Use The Face-Cut-Out Tool?

Need a cardboard head cutout for your significant events? No matter it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or an anniversary, you may need a cardboard face cutout to celebrate it.

Big Head Cutouts Maker Online

Easily make you face cutout to be composited with cartoons

Totally Free to Use

As ONGIMG is a user-friendly image processing tool, no registration nor login is required, just enter the site to form your cut-out face image for free and use it to produce your cardboard face cut-outs.

Accurate Big Head Recognition

The advanced AI technology is the trump card of ONEIMG. With state-of-the-art AI technology, the subject of your photo can be precisely detected and get your face cutouts.

Customized Effects

After obtaining your final big head cutouts, ONEIMG enables you to do more to make your photo fancier, like adding colorful backgrounds or pictures as the background according to your like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cut a face out of a picture online?
You have a variety of choices when needing to cut a face out of a picture online, with ONEIMG, the whole process is easy, just upload your photo, one-click face cut-out and your final photo will be automatically downloaded on your computer.
    How long does it take to make a big head cutout?
    No need to worry about spending more of your time, it won't take more than 1 minute to make your big head cutout. Just enjoy the journey!
      Do I have to pay for using the head and face cut-out tool?
      No, you don’t have to pay for using the head and face cut-out-tool, as ONEIMG is totally free for all users and for all its features.
        Can I use the picture to make cardboard face cut-outs?
        Sure! You can definitely use the face-cutout picture to make it into a cardboard face-cut-out in some special event, like a ceremony or an ad. And the whole process is within seconds.
          Can the tool have a face cutout for a dog or cat?
          In the current version, we don't yet support making cute or funny face cutouts for your lovely dog or cat. However, ONEIMG is a powerful comprehensive image processing tool, so stay tuned for future features please.