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How to Correct Your Photo Color?

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When Do Your Photos Need Color Correcting?

If you are a new learner of camera shooting or need to modify and improve the photo color balance, try ONEIMG - the online photo editing tool that supports color correction to remove the darkness or overexposure and adjust the photo contrast.

Balance Photo Color Correction with AI Online

Achieve simpler color balance by ONEIMG photo color correction service to gain perfect image quality.

Time Saver to Achieve Color Correction

Spending hours learning image editing tutorials is inefficient. This AI-backed online image color balancer will auto-modify, and enhance the color of your dim photos to make them clearer and brighter than the original ones.

Adjust Picture Tones and Contrast

One click to adjust your photos through this practical color correction image processing tool. Perfectly adjust and enhance your photos in tones and contrast to make a color balance.

Dark & Overexposed Photo Optimizer

Want to improve your dark or overexposed photo color? Modify your photos without complex Photoshop or other tools. With a single click, our photo color optimizer will automatically balance exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows for your photos, getting them vibrant again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is color correction?
Literally, color correction is the image editing process of adjusting image data. The technique of changing an image to neutralize and correct any aspects of what the human eyes can see is called color correction.
    How can I adjust the colors of a photo accurately?
    Start color fixing after dragging and dropping your photo into the feature zone. ONEIMG uses AI technology to automatically remove color casts and enhance clarity. Regardless of hours of deep learning in photo editing, you can easily restore, enhance, colorize, and retouch photos with a few clicks.
      Is there any difference between color correction and color grading?
      As previously mentioned, color correction refers to the process of rectifying photo colors to restore them to their intended appearance. On the other hand, color grading involves modifying colors in photos to impart a specific stylistic appearance.