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How to Add Watermark to Photos Using ONEIMG?

Import Image Files

Import photos from your local device or any social media platform into our website

Add Watermark on Photos

Use our watermark creator to watermark your photos and make additional edits to the watermark

Export Images with Watermark

Download your watermarked images on your computer

Why You Should Add a Watermark to Photos?

If you need to verify the originality and ownership of a document or protect sensitive data from unauthorized disclosure, a watermark will be a good help. In addition, a watermark might assist you identify the validity or copy status of your document.

Online Watermark Creator for Free

Watermark your JPG or PNG images for greater security online

Best Watermark Maker

The best watermark adder excels in terms of speed, quality, and versatility when pasting the logo on pictures. The speed of uploads and downloads of small and large images is instant. You can also adjust the setting of your watermarked text or image by changing the opacity of the watermark you add.

Easily Create Custom Watermarks

Compared with Adobe Photoshop, ONEIMG, the pictures watermark creator is an easy and fast way to get photos watermarked; the ease of use makes it quick to learn, even for a non-technical person. If you wish to auto-paste a watermark on the picture in seconds, ONEIMG is an excellent choice.

Watermark Images in Bulk with Ease

Photos can be watermarked in bulk with ONEIMG. The watermark's size can be adjusted automatically to fit images of varying dimensions. This finest picture watermark adder allows you to batch-upload up to 20 photos for watermarking, processing them swiftly and efficiently. You won't need more than three minutes for the entire procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of watermarks can I add?
You can put a variety of watermarks on your image using ONEIMG, including a brand name or logo, copyright sign, image numbers, and more. You may make them translucent for stealthy security or even use them to fill your picture.
    How to add a logo to my photo?
    As a brand evangelist, you may want to add brand tags to your images to increase brand awareness. ONEIMG allows you to add watermarks in both text and images, so you can use ONEIMG to add a brand logo to your photos. Simply select 'Add Image' and upload your logo from your computer.
      How to watermark images in bulk?
      If you're trying to save time, adding watermarks to images is also a breeze with ONEIMG. The finest watermark maker has a plus sign ('+') button labeled 'Add more images,' which you can use once you've uploaded a picture. Then, you may quickly and easily watermark a large number of photographs. Up to 20 pictures can be added at once.